Veneera™ as an alternative: your option for a bright smile

Veneera™ as an alternative: your option for a bright smile

In modern dental cosmetics, there are numerous ways to enhance smiles and solve cosmetic dental problems. However, traditional solutions like crowns, implants, and medical veneers are often expensive and cumbersome. Here comes Veneera™ into play.

What makes Veneera™ particularly attractive is the simple and convenient process that does not require a dental visit. After ordering, customers receive an impression kit to create their dental impressions at home. These impressions are then used to manufacture custom-fit veneers that are delivered within a few days. In addition to affordability and user-friendliness, Veneera™ veneers are known for their biocompatible materials, which are well-tolerated by teeth and gums. As a result, they provide a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for people seeking an alternative to traditional cosmetic dental procedures.

Features and Benefits of Veneera™ Veneers

Veneera™ offers an innovative alternative to conventional dental cosmetic products. The biocompatible veneers are easy to handle and do not require a dental visit. They are available in different shades and are excellent for a variety of aesthetic needs. These features make Veneera™ an attractive option for anyone looking for a practical and affordable way to enhance their smile. The next section introduces the specific features and benefits of Veneera™.

Advantages of Veneera™ Veneers

1. Aesthetic and Functional

Veneera™ veneers provide a natural appearance. Through innovative impression technology, each veneer is individually produced and fits perfectly over the existing teeth. Additionally, the veneers are very thin, ensuring a natural look when worn.

2. Non-Invasiveness

Unlike traditional methods, which often require significant removal of tooth structure, Veneera™ veneers do not require any removal of tooth material. This preserves natural tooth structure and reduces the risk of long-term damage.

3. Quick and Simple Application

Applying Veneera™ veneers is straightforward and can be done in three simple steps:

After placing an order online, customers receive an impression kit to create their dental impressions at home. These impressions are then sent back to Veneera™, where custom veneers are manufactured. Within a few days, the tailored veneers are delivered by mail and can be immediately fitted onto the teeth.

Areas of Application and Target Audience

Veneera™ Veneers are ideal for people seeking a short-term alternative to expensive dental prosthetics. Often, patients have to wait or save up for traditional crowns or implants, and in the meantime, they desire a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing solution. Here, Veneera™ Veneers offer a quick and uncomplicated way to enhance their smile without incurring high costs or invasive procedures.

For those who wish to regain their confident smile due to health restrictions, Veneera™ Veneers offer a valuable option. Individuals with chronic illnesses or other health issues often cannot undergo extensive dental treatments. With Veneera™, these individuals can still achieve a visible improvement in their dental aesthetics and boost their self-confidence.

Similarly, people who require dental restoration following an accident or other traumatic events benefit from Veneera™.Such incidents can lead to tooth discoloration, necessitating a quick and effective solution. Veneera™ Veneers can be manufactured and applied swiftly, achieving an immediate aesthetic improvement that helps patients feel more comfortable and confident while awaiting permanent dental solutions.

Last but not least, Veneera™ Veneers are the perfect choice for individuals in the public eye, for whom a bright smile without tooth discoloration is essential. Since their appearance often contributes to their professional success, they require a practical and immediate method to enhance their smile. Veneera™ offers them a straightforward solution without invasive procedures or long recovery times, making it the ideal choice for those who regularly appear in public and need perfectly looking teeth.

Veneera™ Veneers are ideal for people with crooked teeth or tooth gaps , as they provide a quick and effective aesthetic solution. These high-quality veneers are made from durable, tooth-colored material that is custom-fit to enhance the natural appearance and structure of the teeth. Without complex dental procedures, Veneera™ can conceal discoloration, wear, and irregular tooth positions, resulting in a brighter and more even smile. This enables individuals to present themselves more confidently and maintain their dental health in the long term.

Veneera™ as an alternative for anxious patients

Another important application area for Veneera™ Veneers is dental phobia patients who often avoid dental treatments due to their fear. The simple ordering and application process of Veneera™ allows these patients to improve their dental aesthetics without needing to visit a dentist. This non-invasive method helps dental phobia patients maintain a radiant smile and boost their confidence without having to overcome their fear of dental procedures.

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Fast and Stress-Free

Another significant advantage of Veneera™ Veneers is the speed and simplicity of the process. Unlike other dental procedures that require multiple sessions and extensive preparations, the impressions for Veneera™ Veneers are conveniently created at home. After sending the impressions, the veneers are ready in a few days and are delivered directly to the customer's home address.

Aesthetic and Functional Benefits

In addition to ease of use, Veneera™ Veneers also provide excellent aesthetic and functional results. The design allows customers to wear and remove them as desired, providing a high level of flexibility. Traditional dental prosthetics cannot offer this flexibility. By bonding directly to natural teeth, veneers improve the appearance of discolored, worn, or irregularly positioned teeth without the need to remove healthy tooth structure. Thus, Veneera™ offers a gentle treatment option.


Veneera™ as an alternative to crowns

Veneers provide an appealing and gentle alternative to conventional dental crowns. While crowns encompass the entire tooth and often require extensive removal of tooth structure, veneers offer a simple solution that preserves healthy tooth structure. This is particularly advantageous for patients who wish to retain their natural tooth structure as much as possible.

No Preparation Required

Compared to crowns, which necessitate extensive preparation of the tooth, Veneera™ Veneers do not require alteration of the tooth structure. Through our innovative approach, we customize the veneer to fit the tooth while preserving the tooth structure. This safeguards the long-term health of the tooth and simplifies the process. The application of veneers is therefore very gentle and can be an attractive solution for patients concerned about extensive dental procedures.

Durability and Aesthetics

Our veneers are characterized by their durability and aesthetic benefits. Compared to fixed implants, they require less complex maintenance and can endure over a long period with proper care. These veneers are robust and resistant to daily wear and tear, and they can be replaced more easily and affordably when necessary.

These qualities make them a practical choice for individuals seeking permanent aesthetic improvement without worrying about complex maintenance requirements or high costs for upkeep and replacement.


Veneera™ as an alternative to implants

Implants require extensive surgical intervention under anesthesia, which is associated with an increased risk of complications and sensitivity to pain. The treatment period typically extends over 2 to 6 months, significantly longer compared to Veneera™ Veneers.

Furthermore, implants are considerably more expensive, costing approximately 1,400 to 2,200 dollars per implant, whereas clip-on veneers offer a more cost-effective option. Additionally, implants require significant self-discipline in oral hygiene and restrictions on tobacco and alcohol consumption to avoid complications, whereas clip-on veneers enable simpler maintenance and application.

1. Non-invasive treatment:

Unlike implants that require surgical procedures, Veneera™ Veneers are simply placed on existing teeth. This completely eliminates the need for dental preparation or adhesives, making the process less invasive and reducing the risk of complications associated with surgeries.

2. No long healing period required:

After implantation, implants require a longer healing period as they need to integrate into the jawbone. In contrast, clip-on veneers provide immediate aesthetic results as they are ready for use immediately after placement.

3. No risk of complications such as infections or wound healing problems:

Implants can lead to complications such as infections, inflammations, or wound healing issues, especially during the healing phase. Veneera™ Veneers completely avoid this risk as they are not implanted into the jawbone.

4. Easy handling:

Unlike implants, which are difficult to remove, Veneera™ Veneers can be easily placed on or removed. This offers a flexible solution for patients.

5. No restrictions on oral hygiene:

Implants often require special care instructions and restrictions to ensure their longevity. Veneers do not require such restrictions and allow normal oral hygiene.

6. Immediate aesthetic improvement without waiting time:

After placement, veneers offer immediate aesthetic improvements, while implants require a longer waiting period to complete the treatment.

7. Cost-effective compared to implants:

Veneera™ Veneers are more cost-effective than implants (approximately 1,400 - 2,200 euros per implant) because they do not require extensive procedures and take less time.

8. Flexible customization:

Veneers provide a flexible solution as a new impression can be made at any time or existing impressions can be adjusted for better fit. In contrast, implants are a long-term commitment and difficult to reverse.

Veneera™ offers many advantages over implants. Discover our innovative solution .

Benefits of veneera


Veneera™ as an alternative to medical veneers (composite or ceramic)

Veneera™ Veneers offer an effective and non-invasive solution compared to traditional medical veneers made of composite or ceramic. Our veneers are customized and designed to enhance the natural aesthetics of teeth without requiring invasive procedures. They are ideal for patients who value a natural appearance and are hesitant about extensive dental treatments.

1. No need for tooth preparation:

Veneera™ Veneers are simply placed over the natural teeth, without the need to remove healthy tooth structure. In contrast, traditional fixed veneers often require grinding down or removing a thin layer of tooth structure to accommodate the veneers.

2. Reversibility:

Veneera™ Veneers offer the flexibility to be removed at any time, without leaving permanent changes to the teeth. Fixed veneers, on the other hand, are permanently bonded to the teeth and require irreversible alteration of the natural tooth structure.

3. Cost-effective:

Veneera™ Veneers are more cost-effective than traditional fixed veneers because they require fewer dental procedures and can be applied in a shorter treatment time. This can result in lower overall costs.

4. Easier customization and replaceability:

Due to their easy application and removal, Veneera™ Veneers can be replaced more easily as needed. Traditional fixed veneers, however, often require a more complex process for any adjustments or repairs.

5. Lower risk of damage:

Veneera™ Veneers can serve as an additional protective layer and protect natural teeth from mechanical impacts. Fixed veneers, applied directly to the teeth, could be more susceptible to cracks or breaks when subjected to strong pressure.


Advantages of Veneera veneers compared to conventional dentures

1. No procedures required:

Unlike traditional dental prosthetics, which often require grinding down healthy teeth or even surgical procedures, Veneera™ Veneers can be placed directly over existing teeth without removing healthy tooth structure.

2. Quick application:

The customer can remove and reapply the veneers at any time. No other dental prosthetic can be applied with such flexibility.

3. Aesthetic and comfort:

They not only provide aesthetic improvement to the smile but are also more comfortable than traditional dentures, which can often be perceived as uncomfortable.

4. Lower long-term costs:

Another significant advantage of Veneera Veneers over traditional dental prosthetics is the reduction in long-term costs. While traditional dental prosthetics require regular maintenance and potentially expensive repairs, Veneera Veneers require no maintenance. With these benefits, Veneera Veneers offer an attractive and practical alternative to traditional dental prosthetics.

Veneera™ as an alternative to dental bridges


Dental bridges, often used to replace missing teeth, require healthy teeth on both sides of the gap to attach crowns. These can be fixed or removable.

Veneers, on the other hand, offer a more conservative option as they do not require preparation of the natural tooth structure. Not only are they more aesthetically pleasing, as they preserve the natural appearance of the teeth and gums, but they are also more cost-effective, especially for patients without dental insurance.

Cost and time savings

As already mentioned, our veneers offer a cost-effective solution compared to traditional dental treatments. The price of the dental veneer 2.0 is very low compared to traditional veneers (which can range from 300 to 2000 euros per tooth, depending on the material and type of veneer).

Zeitersparnis durch Expressproduktion

Veneera also offers express production, which reduces the waiting time for veneers to just three working days, compared to the usual ten days. This option is particularly beneficial for patients who need a quick solution due to time constraints or upcoming events.


How it works

Conclusion and recommendations

Veneera veneers present themselves as an exemplary solution to a variety of dental problems, addressing not only the aesthetic needs of patients, but also practical concerns such as dental phobia, the need for crowns or implants, and the desire for a less invasive alternative to traditional medical veneers and costly dentures.

The introduction of Veneera as an alternative to traditional methods emphasises the advanced development in dental cosmetics, which aims to offer patients both functional and aesthetic solutions without compromising on quality.

Beautiful and healthy teeth are just a click away. With Veneera™, a radiant smile is possible for everyone.

Look forward to radiant white teeth and show them your most beautiful smile thanks to Veneera™ dental veneers!