Veneera™ Experiences

    As we offer a life-changing product, there are also customers who are particularly grateful and have a great story to tell. So we simply asked them if they would like to be interviewed to share their story and their experience with Veneera™

    Interviews with Customers

    Gerhard Schmidt

    Mr. Schmidt only has two teeth left in both his upper and lower jaw. The dental veneers from Veneera™ were a life-changer for him. In an interview, he tells his story and shares his experiences - really touching.

    Marie Berger

    Marie is an actress and model. Because of her professional career, she has always wanted a perfect smile. Now she has one thanks to the clip-on veneers! Whenever she needs them. Her experiences with Veneera™ in an interview.

    Maria Tader

    As we get older, our teeth change too. A lively pensioner like Maria Tader radiates even more than before with her dental veneers. She will never let her teeth limit her again.

    Selfie videos from customers

    Customer experiences via smartphone. It couldn't be more authentic and honest.

    Questions about the experiences

    How does Veneera™ get my impression? Blue Arrow IconBlue Arrow Icon

    After your order, you will first receive an impression set from us, which you can use to create your dental impression yourself at home via video instructions.

    Don't worry, it's really easy!

    When developing our impression set, we set ourselves the goal of ensuring a process that is not only simple but also pleasant for our customers. Not like the dentist!

    In addition, our WhatsApp support is available for you to ask questions and send photos of your dental impression during the impression making process.

    How does the veneer hold? Blue Arrow IconBlue Arrow Icon

    The dental veneer is made to fit your own teeth with extreme precision. It sits on your teeth like a second skin and is easy to put on and take off.

    The veneer holds firmly on your teeth, as they are always slightly moist like the rest of your mouth. This creates a vacuum when the veneer is placed, which in turn creates suction. This means there is no risk of it suddenly coming off.

    According to customer experience, the dental veneer is therefore extremely resistant and can withstand almost all everyday situations.

    For whom is the veneer suitable? Blue Arrow IconBlue Arrow Icon

    For everyone!

    Whether you have

    • missing teeth,

    • crooked teeth,

    • damaged teeth,

    • different sized teeth,

    • gaps between your teeth,

    • or discolored teeth...

    ... the dental veneer replaces missing teeth and covers all dissatisfactions.

    Does Veneera™ have a guarantee? Blue Arrow IconBlue Arrow Icon

    Of course!

    Whether it's a dental veneer or a relax-guard, if your product doesn't fit properly or if it accidentally breaks at the beginning, you will receive a replacement free of charge.

    Your experience will be positive in any case!

    Emotional experiences with Veneera™

    As you have seen in the video interviews, our products change people's lives. Veneera™ customers love to share their experiences with our veneers because the change evokes deep and blissful emotions. Their touching stories and success stories inspire us every day and we are sure that they will inspire doubtful customers in particular.

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