Broken tooth - causes and solutions for broken teeth

Broken tooth - causes and solutions for broken teeth

Table of contents on the topic of tooth fracture:

  1. What causes tooth fractures?
    1. Knocked-out teeth due to dental accident
    2. Bruxism: Grinding teeth leads to fractures
    3. Caries damages the tooth
    4. Imbalance caused by misaligned teeth
  2. Broken tooth: Possible problems
  3. Repairing a broken tooth: What you can do
    1. For a small tooth break
    2. For a large tooth fracture: crowns
    3. The solution for small and large tooth fractures: veneers
      1. What are veneers?
      2. The advantages of a cosmetic dental splint for broken teeth
  4. Broken tooth: The best solution for broken teeth

Perhaps you have bitten into a hard apple, hit your tooth on a glass bottle or had a sports accident? A broken tooth usually occurs suddenly and unexpectedly, but its effects can be long-term.

From aesthetic impairments to functional limitations - the consequences of a tooth fracture can be diverse. In this article, we not only examine the causes and symptoms of chipped or even broken teeth, but also look at the various solutions to help you get your true smile back.

What causes a tooth fracture?

It seems that teeth only chip due to violent influences. However, the causes of chipped teeth are varied and range from traumatic events to preventable tooth damage. The following causes lead to tooth breakage.

Broken tooth

Knocked out teeth due to dental accident

The most obvious cause of a broken tooth is accidents. If sudden direct force is applied to the teeth through a fall or blow, it is possible that a tooth will become chipped. Depending on the severity of the dental accident, the fractures can be small or large and require different treatment.

Accidents can also injure the gums and jawbone, which in turn has an impact on dental health. If you have knocked out a tooth, you should see a dentist immediately to prevent possible subsequent damage.

Bruxism: Teeth grinding leads to fractures

Teeth grinding is another cause of a broken tooth. The constant friction and pressure on the teeth can lead to various forms of tooth wear and damage. This includes erosion of tooth enamel, chipped or worn tooth edges, cracks or breaks, as well as toothache and jaw tension.

To minimize damage, individually fitted night guards such as the Veneera™ Relax- Guard can be worn to protect the teeth and stop the abrasion caused by bruxism.

Caries destroys the tooth

Broken teeth can be a result of severe tooth decay, which is why regular and careful oral hygiene is critical. Tooth decay weakens tooth enamel, the outermost protective shield of the teeth, by breaking down minerals and attacking the structure of the tooth. This makes the tooth more vulnerable to external influences such as pressure and force.

If left untreated, tooth decay can eat deeper into the tooth and reach the underlying layers, including the dentin. This can cause the tooth to become brittle and lose stability. In addition, advanced tooth decay can lead to inflammation of the dental pulp, which further weakens the tooth and makes it more likely to break.

Imbalance caused by misaligned teeth

Misaligned teeth can lead to tooth fracture because they cause an uneven distribution of chewing forces. When teeth are not properly aligned, some teeth can be subjected to more stress than others, causing excessive pressure and stress on certain areas. This can cause teeth to become weakened and more prone to breakage. Learn more about it here .

In addition, misaligned teeth can cause teeth to not bite together correctly, which can lead to uneven wear and abrasion. This increases the risk of breakage, especially if teeth are already weakened by tooth decay or other dental diseases.

Broken tooth: possible problems

A broken tooth can cause both aesthetic and functional problems. Knocked-out teeth can cause pain and discomfort as the nerves in the tooth can become exposed. This can lead to sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks.

Broken teeth can also make chewing difficult and affect bite function. An unbalanced bite can lead to other problems such as jaw joint pain and muscle tension.

The aesthetic problems should not be underestimated either. Broken teeth lead to an unsightly smile, which can affect self-confidence. Weakened self-confidence also leads to a limited social life and a low quality of life.

Repairing a broken tooth: What you can do

Fortunately, teeth are not sculptures where the artist cannot afford to make mistakes. A broken tooth can be restored to its original appearance using modern dental techniques and tools. Depending on the extent of the tooth fracture, the following methods are available if a piece of your tooth has broken off.

For a small tooth fracture

For smaller splinters, there are two treatment options: Firstly, the dentist can restore the broken tooth by grinding or filling it.

Alternatively, the broken piece of tooth can be reattached using plastic glue and a UV lamp, provided it is intact and the tooth substance has not been damaged too much. For the latter option, however, it is necessary that you find the chipped piece of tooth and transport it safely.

For a large tooth fracture: crowns

Crowns are another option for treating a broken tooth. A dental crown is an artificial cap that is placed over a broken tooth to protect it and restore its function. Crowns can be made from a variety of materials such as metal, porcelain, or a combination of both. They offer a permanent solution for broken teeth, but are also very expensive.

However, if the tooth is severely damaged or the root is compromised, a dental implant may be a long-term solution. The broken tooth is removed and replaced with an artificial tooth root, on which a crown is then placed.

The solution for small and large tooth fractures: Veneers

If your broken tooth has exposed gums, you are experiencing increased tooth sensitivity or are having difficulty chewing, then you should consult your dentist about the best solution for your broken tooth.

If your broken tooth is a purely aesthetic problem, then a veneer-like dental splint is ideal for concealing your broken teeth.

What are veneers?

Veneers are thin ceramic shells that are permanently glued to individual teeth by the dentist, thus repairing a broken tooth. They are an immediate solution for all dental aesthetic problems, but are very expensive.

The alternative is the so-called “clip-on veneers” from the brandVeneera™. Using a dental impression, a tailor-made dental veneer is made for you to clip on in order to cover your individual complaints.

The advantages of a cosmetic dental veneer for broken teeth

While other solutions such as crowns are supported by health insurance, there is usually a visible difference between the other teeth and the repaired tooth. This is because the health insurance only pays for metal-colored crowns and the tooth-colored ceramic material must be paid for by the patient themselves.

The tooth-colored cosmetic dental splint, on the other hand, is placed on all visible teeth and thus ensures an even appearance that looks completely natural. Dental veneers are also perfect for anxious patients who want to avoid medical intervention, as they can do everything from consultation to taking dental impressions comfortably from home.

In addition, crowns cost several hundred to thousand euros per broken tooth, depending on the material. You can get the aesthetic dental veneer from Veneera™ from just €129 and use it to perfect an entire jaw.

Broken tooth: The best solution for broken teeth

A tooth can break suddenly and have various causes. From caries and misaligned teeth to dental accidents and teeth grinding, everything can lead to broken teeth. The effects can be both aesthetic and functional problems that can damage self-confidence and cause pain.

Fortunately, there are several treatment options available. Among them are simple cosmetic corrections such as fillings for small tooth fractures and crowns or even dental implants for a larger tooth fracture.

A cosmetic dental splint offers a cost-effective, immediate and natural solution to repair broken teeth and restore the smile.

Restore your undamaged teeth with a cosmetic dental Veneer and free your smile from insecurity and self-doubt!