Funktion Zahn-Veneer

    In this video we would like to show you how the Teeth-Veneer works and how you should handle it so that you can enjoy your new smile for as long as possible.

    The function of the Teeth-Veneer briefly explained

    The Veneera™ Teeth-Veneer is simply placed on your own teeth, without any fastening material. Please always look in the mirror if possible. Our mirror box is ideal for when you are out and about.

    Upper jaw

    When putting the veneer on, simply push it from bottom to top onto your teeth without bending the veneer. Please be careful the first few times until you have developed a good feel for it.

    Lower jaw

    When putting the veneer on, simply slide it from top to bottom onto your teeth.

    Please note

    To ensure that it feels as natural as possible, the Tooth-Veneer 2.0 is manufactured with a thickness of just 0.3 mm - 0.5 mm. So handle your veneer carefully.

    ❌ Do not bend it!
    ❌ Do not drop it!
    ❌Do not clean it with a brush.


    For long-lasting durability and to protect your gums:

    ✅ Only eat soft food with the Teeth-Veneer.
    ✅ Remove the Teeth-Veneer regularly and care for your real teeth.
    ✅ To clean, rinse carefully with water.

    🔜 Cleaning tip: Sonic & Light Pro