Veneera™ is Top Employer 2023/24!

Veneera™ is Top Employer 2023/24!
Veneera™ proudly carries the Top Employer Seal 2023/24 awarded by DIQP. As a modern start-up with a young team, the Veneera™ company philosophy includes an appreciative and respectful working environment for all employees. Even if it is enough to keep this philosophy just for ourselves, it is still nice to be able to prove it officially. We can now do this with the Top Employer Award from DIQP and our rating of "Very Good".

Veneera™ has also been awarded the Top Service Seal.

The German Institute for Quality Standards and Testing e.V.

The German Institute for Quality Standards and Testing e.V. (DIQP) is a non-profit organisation that specializes in the quality assessment of companies and educational institutions. The DIQP awards quality seals, service seals and sustainability seals, including the employer seal Top Employer, Family-Friendly Employer, Top Training Area, Top Service, Sustainable Company, etc.

Find out more about the impressive history of the DIQP and its rules here.

What is the Top Employer quality seal?

The Top Employer seal is awarded to companies and organizations showing an outstanding performance and exemplary practices in personnel management, employee development and employee satisfaction. The Top Employer Seal signals to potential applicants and the public that the company is an attractive employer that cares about the well-being of its employees and offers a positive working environment. Companies that receive the employer seal can use this as a certificate of quality and a competitive advantage to attract talent and strengthen their company's image.

Top Employer 2024/25

Criteria for the Top Employer Seal

The company is assessed in 2 steps: an employee survey and an HR interview. The results of both areas are calculated equally for the overall grade. The following areas are taken into account:

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Employee motivation
  • Recommendation
  • Work organization
  • Attractiveness as an employer
  • Personnel support
  • Personnel development

(Source: Award conditions for top employers, p.2)

The employee survey

As part of the audit, the DIQP carries out a “representative survey among employees” to determine employee satisfaction and the willingness to recommend the company. This survey is conducted online or offline and includes all employees working in the company, including trainees.

Participation in the survey is voluntary and if the company tries to influence the employees' response behavior, the entire test is considered failed.

The questionnaire also contains questions that are irrelevant to the assessment and can be tailored to the company. They serve as feedback for the employer in order to get a clear picture of the satisfaction of its employees.

The HR interview

The HR interview for the Top Employer Award focuses primarily on employer performance. Various aspects such as work processes, personnel development, employee management and family orientation are assessed and account for 50% of the overall assessment.

This includes an interview with a representative of the HR department to understand their view of the employer's performance. The assessment is based on points, with a total of 100 points being possible. The information is verified by the certification company SQC-QualityCert through internet research and document review to ensure that the information is correct.

Evaluation criteria

The Top Employer Award

Rating Scale

The Top Employer Award is awarded in three grades based on examination results. These include Excellent, Good, and Satisfactory. The maximum score achievable is 200, and the grades are distributed percentage-wise in relation to the points achieved.

  • Excellent: >80%
  • Good: 71% - 97.9%
  • Satisfactory: 61% - 70.9%
  • Not Passed: 0% - 60.9%

Why does Veneera™ receive the Top Employer 2023 quality seal?

Veneera™ is more than just a seller of dental products. As an innovative dental laboratory, we have made it our mission to bring our customers more joy and quality of life through a new smile. The same applies, of course, to our Veneera™ team, whom we guarantee a harmonious work atmosphere, exciting development opportunities, and a superb work-life balance.

This company philosophy has now been confirmed with the Top Employer 2023/24 quality seal. This does not mean that Veneera™ rests on this award. We continue to strive to be a contemporary and future-oriented company in every aspect.

Top Employer Award➜

Top Service Award➜