Veneera™ receives the Strong Growth Award 2023

Veneera™ receives the Strong Growth Award 2023

“Starting a business requires courage, inventiveness and a great deal of perseverance.” (Insa Schoppe, grü

It could hardly be described better. Veneera™ also had to face these challenges. That makes us all the more proud to have received the growth-strong. Award 2023!

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The high-growth award

The high-growth award from grü recognizes young companies for their innovative ideas and growth. From the numerous applicants, the companies that stand out in particular are given the chance to expand their reach with the support of grü

After Veneera™ won the high-growth award in 2023, our founder Sven Winkel gave an exclusive interview. In conversation with Luisa Kleinen, he not only talks about the founding story of our company, but also talks about the challenges of the past and the plans for the future.

Why did Veneera™ win?

This is what Insa Schoppe writes about the companies that won the growth-strong award:

“These young companies have managed to develop groundbreaking solutions to existing challenges through their own innovative approaches. Not only have they been able to assert themselves on the market, but they have also become role models that provide inspiration far beyond their own industry.” (Insa Schoppe, grü

Veneera™ invented the first cosmetic alternative to medical dentures with the dental veneer. In just a few years, Veneera™ has developed from an idea into a renowned start-up with over 35,000 satisfied customers and has expanded into several other markets.

The interview summarized

At the beginning of the interview, Sven Winkel explains the product he designed: The dental veneer 2.0 offers a simple and inexpensive way to aesthetically improve the smile without having to prepare or grind down the teeth. The innovative clip-on dental splint is available for under €200 and does not require a visit to the dentist.

As a young and growing company from Cologne, Veneera™ has specialized in offering high-quality dental products online to make them accessible to a wide audience. With a team that has almost doubled in size within a year and sales of over €2 million, Veneera™ is positioning itself as a pioneer in the field of cosmetic dental products in German-speaking countries. The quality and functional design of the dental veneer 2.0 have even been certified by TÜV Rheinland and particularly recognized in the Medical & Healthcare sector.

About the creation of the dental veneer

The idea behind the Veneera™ dental veneer arose from the growing demand for white, straight teeth and the trend for Hollywood smiles, especially on social media. Since not everyone has access to dental enhancement or dentures, Sven Winkel saw the need for a change and founded Veneera™.

His founding partner had previously sold a simple, universal dental splint on eBay, which, despite some shortcomings, was well received and demonstrated the high demand. But Winkel realized that the new product had to be tailored to each customer.

The new product had to be thin, comfortable, precisely fitting and affordable. Within nine months and in collaboration with a dental technology expert from Cologne, a sample version of the dental veneer was developed.

Development challenges

The biggest challenge in developing the dental veneer was the functionality of the product, with precision being crucial, especially due to the small size and the transition to the gums. The goal was a thin, precisely fitting and removable veneer that would hold itself in place without having to be glued to the teeth. The first version of the dental veneer came onto the market in 2021 and has been continuously developed since then.

The unique selling point of Veneera™ GmbH

The innovative product from Veneera™ is unique and high quality. The key